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Make a Woven Paper Easter Basket.

Here is another fantastic woven Easter basket.  With just a few strips of paper you too can create a beautiful Easter basket just like this one. This one was going to be put away for Easter, but the kids have decided it is a great little carry basket for everyday use.

What you will need...A pencil, scissors, a stapler, a ruler, two sheets of coloured paper, these are A4.

Step One...Rule six 3.5cm wide strips, lengthways.  Tip...Try and make your ruled lines as light as possible so they will not show on the end product, mine are dark so they are visible in the photo. 

Step Two...Cut your strips up.  You will need 5 of each colour for the basket, the two spare will be used for the handle.

Step Three...Lay five of your colour strips on the table as shown.

Step Four...Begin to weave your second 5 strips into those layed on the table.


Step Five...Gather the ends of five of your strips and staple in place. 

Step Six...Repeat for the other three sides to create your basket shape.

Step Seven...Match up your coloured handles and staple in place as shown.

Step Eight...Enjoy collecting your Easter eggs in your beautiful Easter basket.