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How to Make an Egg Carton Frog

Making a cute egg carton frog has never been easier.  The kids will love using them in imaginative play, as a party decoration or add him to the top of a present for a unique gift tag.  Just write the name of the person receiving the gift on his tongue!

What you will need...  An Egg Carton, Craft Glue, Green Paint, Paint Brush, Scissors, Black Permanent Marker, 2 x 5mm Googly Eyes, 2 x 1cm Fluffy Green Balls, Green and Pink Paper. 

Tip...You can substitute the fluffy balls and googly eyes with green and white paper for a look which is just as good.

Step One... Using your scissors carefully cut out two egg cups from your egg carton as shown

Step Two... Using your green paint, grab a paint brush and paint your egg cups

Step Three... While you are waiting for your egg cups to dry, cut out the feet and tongue as shown.  The pink tongue has been cut from a 1 x 3cm piece of paper.  The green feet have been cut from a 5.5 x 6cm piece of paper, (size when unfolded).  

Tip...If you fold your paper in half as shown your feet will be symmetrical


Step Four... Using your craft glue stick the googly eyes to the fluffy green balls.

Step Five... Take the feet, tongue and eyes and attach them to the egg cups as shown to complete your frog craft.  When you place the tongue in position, ensure you also glue your two green egg cartons together.