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Egg Carton Animal Noses

Concerts, dress up days, the costume box at home; these animal noses are an easy and fun activity, providing hours of entertainment for the kids.  And they look great! 

What you will need...An Egg Carton, Scissors, Coloured paint, a Paint Brush, Coloured paper, Hat Elastic, Pipe Cleaners, Craft Glue, Permanent Markers, a Skewer, Blue Tac or Modelling clay.  Below you can see all items required for the rabbit nose.

Step One...Cut out an egg cup as shown

Step Two...Paint desired colour, for the rabbit I have chosen grey

Step Three...Place your blue tac or modeling clay onto the inside of the egg cup and use your skewer to make holes for the hat elastic. Thread the hat elastic through the hole and tie off. Tip...The blue tac will stop you from putting holes in your fingers!

Step Four...Using your scissors cut out your chosen decorations.  The rabbit will require a white background with a pink nose and white pipe cleaners as shown below. Tip...by folding your paper in half you will get a symmetrical shape.

Step Five...Using your craft glue, firstly glue your pipe cleaners onto the inside of your egg cup.  Tip...Be sure to fold the ends of your pipe cleaners in, not only are they easier to glue into position, but they will be soft on your little one's nose.

Step Five...Grab your craft glue and stick on your paper nose...and you are finished.

Step Six...Enjoy